Catching Pirates For Ecuador

One of the great things about working in software across so many different industries is that you never really know what your next project will be. Originally designed to help manage fisheries from the coast of Ecuador to the Galapagos, our fleet tracking software was extended for use by the Ecuadorian Navy (DIRNEA) for rescue operations, including a raid on a Columbian pirate den (their words, not ours).

The work itself included real-time geofencing and satellite integrations, fisheries management, and anti-piracy capabilities. Our SPA managed tens of thousands of individual satellite-monitored fishing boats, with real-time updates and alerting. We implementing customized geofence boundary validation for intermittent signaling and our solution for the fishing fleet was considered as a drop-in to replace the “military-grade” solution implemented for the Ecuadorian Navy.

If you have a moment, and want the full swashbuckling story, be sure to ask Chad or Noah about it. It’s an interesting five minutes, and it really shows that when we claim that our team can adjust to write effective code for just about anything, we mean it.