Operating And Analytical Software For Mechanical Laboratory Instrument

Surface Machine Systems (SMS) provides scratch-testing machines and services for major global auto manufacturers (Toyota, Honda, Ford), the Department of Defense, and major chemical compounders such as Dow, Exxon, and Dupont.

Big customers. Who want incredibly reliable results.

Which is where Solution Machine stepped in. We wrote the software that makes SMS’s machines work. Their entire business relies on the code we created for them. So it has to work.

And it does. Because we take that kind of trust very seriously. Most development companies just cannot do the full range of work needed to pull off these kinds of projects, including coding sophisticated hardware, setting up algorithms and AI, and writing software that is both reliable and responsive to the needs of a hard-working machine. We write all of this code, up and down the whole tech stack, and our team has the experience and innovation orientation that lets us mean it when we say that the harder a project is, the more we like it.